Sqribble Reviews – Does This eBook Creator Really Work?

Creating designs for your Ebook takes a lot of effort and in case you want to hire some professional designers to make an Ebook, you certainly need a lot of money to do so. If you want to get what you are hoping for when it comes to your Ebook selling, you have to get involved with the designing also.

You might not have designing expertise and sometimes the designers don’t allow you to work with them in making your own Ebook, aside from the fact that you are giving them a lot of money. An ebook might be smaller or larger, but there is always hard work on it.

So, creating that perfect look of your Ebook makes it relatively important for you, on the other side, no one likes to read, listen, or purchase an unattractive Ebook. To help you in getting that perfect look at a budget-friendly price range and minimum energy, you can use this Online Ebook creator to get started.

Sqribble | Worlds #1 Ebook Creator

Sqribble is originally a cloud-based Ebook creator tool that can help you in making some professional Ebook looks based on the already present templates inside the tool. Aside from it all, it’s inside a budget and saves a lot of money.

In the past, there have been many Ebook creators, but there is always something strange with them like crappy templates, require additional stuff, and are non-responsive. But when you have been marketing online either for lead magnets or Ebook and other stuff, you would love Sqribble.

Packed with a lot of amazing templates, covers, and bug-free clicks, the whole process for an online marketing person is relatively simple. Fascinating thing is that it does everything automatically; either you are a freelancer, a designer, or working for yourself, it does all the stuff you require from an Ebook creator.

Features of Sqribble

With this Ebook creator, you get to have a lot of things like;

Automatic Content

Yes, you can also use this Ebook creator to fill your Ebook with amazing content, you simply don’t have to write a single line or word, it does everything itself.

The content you get provided with it typically around the web itself is based on the provided URL’s. To do this, you can simply copy the URL from any content and then Paste it directly. The material is then extracted from the Library or Word doc. It is also a game-changer and a timer saver.

A gorgeous set of covers

There are many Ebook tools to get over the internet. Don’t get me wrong here, there are also some amazing ones, but when it comes to cover provision, they don’t do so well. Sqribble, on the other hand, is way different, the covers are primarily impressive.

They won’t look as if the covers are taken from Amazon or Kindle, they are on a professional scale themselves.

Creating of FlipBook

By all means, this is the coolest thing you can do on the Sqribble Ebook maker, you can fascinatingly turn your flat book into an amazing Flipbook. This not only makes the Digital Book look more attractive but also makes it look as if you are reading a real book, with pages turning.


Aside from all these amazing features, Sqribble is also known due to its versatility. Here are some of the amazing things you can do on Sqribble:

  • Automatic Paginations
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • Drag and Drop Design
  • Automatic Header and Footer
  • Ability to add own media
  • Pages addition and deletion feature
  • More than three hundred Google Fonts
  • Ten different Themes of Ebook
  • Fifty Different Templates of Ebook
  • Manual addition of content
  • Ability to add content through URL

Buy Sqribble from the official website

Benefits of Sqribble

Ability to Earn Through Freelancing

In case you don’t know about designing or cover making, you can always go for the additional income from Sqribble. There is a commercial agency license that makes Sqribble usable for client work.

You can create unlimited Ebook through their services effortlessly and then sell them as a freelancer for your client.


There is also an already built agency website pre-filled portfolio for you to upload on any domain for authority. You can further modify the portfolio and show it as proof of a professional or working Ebook maker.

Other portfolio makers take around six hundred dollars to show the proof, but here you are getting it at a reasonable price.


When it comes to making that perfect Ebook, you certainly cannot go wrong with the Flipbooks. They not only make the book look realistic, but the whole experience is different in comparison to other Templates.

This feature is unique and not found in much Ebook makers, here you have the ability to make a Flipbook with only a click

Pros and Cons of Sqribble


  • Unlimited use in a singular payment
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Automatic content and an amazing set of professional templates/pages
  • Truly glitch-free


  • A lot of Upsells to unlock some amazing features like Flipbook


How to get Sqribble?

Sqribble is a new software that you can get from their official website, it costs some money at the start but the payment itself is one time only. It doesn’t need further payments to work, but there are certain upsells which are needed to get further benefits from the software itself.

Don’t worry, the features from upsells are for specific people only, you can do the task efficiently in the onetime paid version.

Which setup is required to get started with Sqribble?

Fascinating thing is that Sqribble works on every platform, either it is a computer running Windows or MAC. Other than that, it can also work on Mobiles, Tablets having Android or iOS. So, you are good with anything you got.

Final Verdict

In this review, we have discussed the Sqribble from top to the bottom completely with all its features, benefits, and pros/cons, along with typical questions by the public.

As a matter of safety, this is powered by Clickbank.com and you can get access to this software online through their site on any platform you have

Hope this review was very helpful for you and in case you have further queries you can feel free to ask us anything. We would be happy to reply as soon as possible.


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